Terms & Conditions – Service

  • Once after your Laptop collected for service, it will take 1-2 business days for it to be serviced. It could take longer depending on delays on parts approval and/or parts Order
  • If Laptop requires a component or spare parts replacement, cost will be an additional charge. Our service manager will contact you exclusively to take your approval to proceed it.
  • In case the Laptop given us with “No Power” or “No Display” or “completely Dead condition after completing diagnose, we will be able to revert with exact diagnosis and list of components or spares gone bad.
  • The service warranty is for 15 days, for the problem which is attended by us subject to the Laptop is not treated/opened/managed by any other vendor, post our last service. Replaced Parts warranty is separate as per the warranty on each part.
  • In any physically damaged Laptop or Laptop with identified hardware damages, it is quite possible that any part which is intermittently working can potentially completely stop functioning, while we are in the process of diagnosing and resolving the reported issue. In such scenario, LRW will not be held liable for returning the Laptop in the exact (pre-received) partial working condition, should the customer deny further service and resolution by the LRW technical manager.
  • LRW does not guarantee data loss stored in the Laptop device, we request customers to take the data backup before giving laptop in our service centre
  • The customer fully indemnifies LRW for any or all software/licenses validity/originality that the customer has on its equipment/Laptop. LRW does not participate or promote piracy of any kind.
  • LRW advices all its customers to retain original Licenses for any or all application Software’s/licenses that are pre-installed on the Laptop. LRW is not responsible for any loss of installed application software during the process of service.
  • Hardware replacement rights are solely and exclusively held with LRW to install new or refurbished parts.
  • Parts warranty is provided by the part manufacturer only
  • LRW is not liable for any instance of pre-installed pirated software.
  • All hardware services will be carried-out in LRW Service Lab.


Terms & Conditions – Sales

  • Spares once sold will not be taken back
  • No warranty for burns and physical damage for all types of spares and components
  • Warranty (if applicable) on spares will be as per manufacturer norms & conditions and shall be directly provided by manufacturers only
  • Repair Service charges will not carry any warranty
  • Replaced spares & components will not be returned to the customer

In case of any support, complaint, feedback please mail info@vintechcomputers.com