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Is your laptop causing trouble? Is it running very slow? Does your laptop experience any performance issues?  Your device might need a laptop general service or cleaning service in order to get it back to normal. For laptop general service near me, Vintech computers offers the best service options around various areas in Hyderabad with various and wide range of the service options ranging from a general service which includes the complete diagnosis of the laptop and its components in order to improve laptops performance to various cleaning servicing options that include complete hardware cleaning and complete internal components cleaning to obtain better characteristics of the laptop. Vintech offers laptop repair services in Hyderabad at a very reasonable pricing when compared to others and are renowned for their capability to provide best customer service with a very promising quality output. With no worries about laptop cleaning service price/ cost you can choose the affordable services at Laptop Repair Works Stores.


Genuine Spares
Warranty for a year
Immediate Delivery
No Added charges for service
100% Money back Guarantee
Original Spares with Warranty

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Why Choose Us?

Genuine Spares Parts

All the spares available are genuine and are new, making sure that no old unused spared are utilized in the repair. We guarantee you with original brand spares suitable for your devices alongside the robustness and price.

Warranty for a year

For most of the repairs and replacement where the substitution of the parts is made, we warranty for almost a year to support you with any kind of disruption caused. The team would support you such scenario and guide through the procedure.

No Added charges for Service

We at Laptop Repair Works make sure that no additional charges or hidden charges are imposed for the service of your device. Get the assured and quick fixation of your device with stress free on charges.

Immediate Delivery

We value your time and know its importance; we hence make sure that the service or repairs are made at the quickest possible time and ensure to return your product without disturbing the routine.

Original spares with warranty

We not only ensure to make the original and genuine spares for replacement in case of high damage, we ensure the warranty provision for the replaced spares.

100% Money Back Guaranty

Any issues occurred or with the dissatisfaction of the customer with our service, we would return the Amount paid within the specific time following up the regulations of Vintech computers services.