Laptop Chip Level Repair Training in Hyderabad

Vintech Computers Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned business reining the Laptop Repair Industry for 15 years. They are highly skilled in Repairs, Upgrade, Maintenance and Replacement of all makes and models of laptops. We are proud to declare that we are the Best Laptop Repairing Centre- even at Chip Level in Hyderabad.

For the first time ever in these years we are offering training to the ones who are aspiring for a career oriented specialized course in Laptop Repairs and Service especially at Chip Level. Our Professional and Experienced staff is capable of offering efficient training at Vintech Computers Laptop Service Centre. However, on completion of the course we also provide due Assistance for Jobs and offer support to budding Businesses.


• Understanding laptop parts
• Understanding laptop motherboard
• Disassembling and assembling laptops
• Basic Repair techniques
• Find faulty FET, diode, condenser
• Find faulty graphics IC & other IC’s
• DC Power jack repairing & replacing
• Northbridge, Southbridge & various parts
• Troubleshooting common problems
• LCD/LED Screen replacing method

• LCD cable replacing/repairing
• No/Dull display problem
• Power not switching-on problem
• De-soldering & soldering basics
• SMD rework
• BIOS configuration
• BIOS password removal
• Diagnosing Optical drive & Modem
• Diagnosing Keyboard, Touchpad & USB
• BGA rework station Training

Eligibility: +2/Diploma/ ITI/ BE

Training Centre:   Vintech Computers Pvt. Ltd., 1-3-183/40/57/1, Gandhi Nagar Road, Opp. Med Plus, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500080.

For more information, Call us:  9133322081, 9133322082